Your Thoughts and the Power they Possess

By | January 6, 2016

Your Thoughts and the Power they Possess

“Your thoughts contain the ability to create or to destroy”  That is a powerful statement, but it is true!

People who are positive and upbeat because they have a great outlook in life, and are optimistic, have thoughts that give you a positive feeling.  You feel good and energized around these type of people!

But, the opposite is the negative and downtrodden person who only can speak words of negativity, and never has anything positive to share.  These type of people have an endless tirade of complaints in life and are always blaming someone or something else for their problems.

What a contrast between these two types of people.  Yet, we have the power to choose which one we want to be.  It is always a choice we have and it can be a tough one at times.

Hmmm…what do you mean??

I live in Japan and work the salaryman life of commuting almost 2 hours from my door at home to the door of my office.  I ride a bike or catch a bus to begin depending if I get up early before the buses begin to run.  I then jump on a train that is so packed you cannot even lift your arm to see what time it is!  Then into the hustle and bustle of Tokyo for 10 hours only to do it again going back home!

Your thoughts

I have the choice to be so darn negative about being crammed and jammed into people who are so focused on their smartphones or just zoning out to escape the crush of humanity, or to accept this as part of my daily routine, and give thanks that I am riding one of the best transportation systems in the world.

It is your thinking and the thoughts that come out at these times.  I have caught myself getting very upset to the point of wanting to physically confront someone who is jamming their elbow or pushing you extremely hard with nowhere to go on these crammed trains, but if that was the case, I would be fighting every minute of the commute!

I have learned to change my thoughts about situations that can either upset you, or you look at the positive aspects and focus on that.  If we focus on the negative, and create thoughts with a core of negativity, then we get sucked into this angry whirlwind of chaos that turns inward on you.

It has been researched that the major cause of mental illness is negative and destructive thought patterns.  We have the choice of how we think, we are not automatons, we can choose.

In the Hawaiian art of Ho’o Pono Pono, the healing thoughts are focused inwardly and you become transformed and the influence flows out of you to others.

We as humans possess such tremendous power, but fail to realize it during our lifetime.  We have been blessed with such creativity with our thoughts and emotions that we can literally create a better life.  Thoughts coupled together with strong emotions becomes a force of creativity.

We have heard the saying “You are what you eat” which is very true!  You eat good healthy foods then your body and mind become healthy.  I would like to take that a step further with our thoughts…”You are what you think”.  Let that sink in for a minute and you will see the truth in that phrase!

Speak to positive and successful people and you will see that there is a common element with all of them.  Their thoughts are positive and full of belief in their ability to do what they focus on.  People tend to say limiting statements that become beliefs in their thinking.

I teach Business English in Japan and will hear very fluent English speaking Japanese businessmen say “My English is not good!”  I just want to get a wet Ramen noodle and slap the negativity out of them!  I tell them that if you speak that self-limiting thought your English will never be good!

We have to speak life with our thoughts when we deal with our goals and endeavors in life.  I have recently begun my learning of Internet Marketing and have been doing this on and off for about 3 months.  It is wonderful and gives me the dream and vision to be extremely successful in the near future to actually work at home and to retire from the salary man life.

Yet, I struggle because I am a newbie at this, and I want to be like all the great Mentors that I am learning from, and try my best in the limited time I have each day.  I at times will catch myself getting in a funk because I see great success with others in my community of internet marketers and begin to compare myself to them.

But, I can also turn it around and focus on the great experience I have each time I can spend working on my dream, even if it is only for 30 minutes per day, I am still moving towards my dream.

Never Give up

I belong to such a great community of people that give their best to everyone and I am just so thankful for their great thoughts of positive motivation and being great leaders.  I truly believe that when you make a concerted effort to change your thought patterns to positive, grateful, and thankful thoughts you will see a big difference in your life.

Powerful ThoughtsRead this and believe this!  Your ability to think is unlimited!  Your thoughts will become a reality when you focus and decide to not be a slave to negativity.

I have seen this work over and over in my life.  I have looked at the positive side of adversity to eventually turn a stumbling block into a  stepping stone.  It has to do with how we look at things and how we think about them.

This is not some easy thing to do, which like anything worthwhile you will have to work at it.  It is something you must always be aware of and never let it get out of control.  Again, we have the choice to think our own thoughts whether they are positive or negative, whether they give life or they give death.

I hope that you have been able to take something from this for yourself.  For me, it is a constant reminder of how I must always keep my thoughts positive so they will possess the type of power that is full of life.

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May your mind be filled with Peace and Harmony