WPEngine Affiliate Review

By | August 4, 2016

WPEngine Affiliate Review


WPEngine Affiliate Review – My Personal Review of the WPEngine Webhosting Affiliate Program:
WPEngine Review + Setup Tutorial:
One of the huge benefits of using their affiliate program is that…
For each sale you refer to them… you receive a minimum of $200 in commissions (even for their lowest priced Personal plan). Out of all of the affiliate programs that I’ve used over the years… WPEngine’s commission rate is currently by far the highest. No matter if you just send them 1 sale per month… they will still pay you $200 in commissions.

WPEngine Affiliate Program Feature by Feature Review:

In comparison… Hostgator (another affiliate program I use) commission rates start at $50 per sale and go upwards to $125 per sale if you refer 21 or month individuals within the span of a month. That stated… Hostgator usually only pays out 50% of that since they have strict requirements that referred customers must have active websites at time of payout.

For WPEngine I receive almost 100% of the net commissions I earn from referrals. The only way they don’t pay you… is if someone decides to request a refund and get their money back within the first 45 days. Personally my cancelation rate from referred sales with WPEngine is extremely low, like in the single digits.

With regards to payout schedule…
WPEngine pays their affiliates roughly 45 days after a sale is made on the 20th of each month. You can choose to receive payment via check or direct deposit.

So far WPEngine’s payouts have been initiated 100% on time each month and I haven’t had any earnings delays.

Affiliate Platform
WPEngine currently runs their affiliate program solely via the ShareASale.com affiliate platform. I see this as another advantage of the program as from personal experience I have had better luck getting paid via affiliate programs that are on major affiliate networks vs individual “in house” programs.

With ShareASale.com the way payouts work is that the merchants such as WPEngine remit payout to them and then they pay you. This means that regardless of the number of affiliate programs that you promote on their network, you will receive a single commission payment from ShareASale.com.

Affiliate Support
One of the most important things to consider when choosing an affiliate program to promote is their provided affiliate support.
So far with WPEngine, their affiliate support has been excellent. I actually have had individuals from their affiliate team contact me multiple times asking if they could personally do anything to help me. With most the other webhosting affiliate programs I promote… their affiliate support is either almost completely nonexistent or lacking to say it mildly. Or other times it’s preferential to the number of monthly sales you refer… so if you refer a bunch of sales per month they are happy to assist you but if you just refer a couple sales per month they give you the cold shoulder.

Happily, I can say this is not the case with WPEngine.

Bonus Payouts
Although WPEngine typically pays $200 per sale, they actually still provide affiliate bonuses on top of that. Over the last few months I have earned significant bonuses for simply referring a moderate number of sales per month.
In order to ensure that you qualify for these bonus payouts be sure to signup for their affiliate program via:

Being that I’m a successful promoter of their affiliate program, WPEngine has provided me with some bonus incentives that I can use to help recruit other affiliates.

That stated… this just about officially concludes my Review of the WPEngine Affiliate Program.

In Conclusion:
If you are interested in promoting an affiliate program that pays out upwards of $200 per sale, provides a great product, supports their affiliates, provides numerous affiliate tracking and split testing tools and pays out on time and everytime, then WPEngine is the affiliate program for you.

Out of all the affiliate programs that I have promoted over the years… WPEngine’s is truly one of the best.

I honestly believe that if you just give the WPEngine affiliate program a try… you won’t be disappointed.


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