The Creation of Affiliate Marketing Mastery (Part 1)

By | August 3, 2016

The Creation of Affiliate Marketing Mastery (Part 1)


seveAll right, what’s up everyone? This is Stefan from,
and as many of you guys know, one of the goals that I have this year, that I’ve set
for myself, as well as recently as part of my 100 day challenge, is to create
and launch a new online training program, and this new online training program is
going to help people start their own online business and get started making
money online, and it’s going to be based on one of the seven primary online business
models that I’ve been able to benefit from and make a lot of money from, as
well. If you guys haven’t yet been through my free course that I put
together that shows the seven ways that I make money online, then I encourage you
guys to do so, just by going to I’ll
have a link below the description. Now, over the last few years, the last 3
years now, I’ve been primarily focused on helping people make money online with
Kindle publishing, because that was one of the primary breakthroughs of my life,
where I got into Kindle publishing and made a lot of money, and still make a lot of
money from. Really changed my life for the better, I believe, and still believe
that Kindle publishing is an incredible opportunity. There’s a lot of money to be
made, and every single day we have new people that are joining that program, K
Money Mastery, making money online and I’m really, really proud of that course,
because it’s helped hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people now
change their lives. People that have been brand new to online marketing, get started
making money online, and people that have gone on to make a six-figure income, and I
constantly get emails and messages and success stories and so I’m very, very proud
of that, but over the last three years or so, that’s where my focus has been,
has been coaching people, helping people, learning myself, evolving, testing
different things.
Anytime that I create a new course, I always want it to be the best course out there.
There’s a lot that goes into it. I’m always going to improve it. I’m not just going to
create a course, and then just abandon it and move onto something else.
I always believe in constant, never-ending improvement, and always making
things better and better, because I’m not in it just to make some money. I’m in it
over the long term, to add as much value as possible, and help people really
change their lives for the better. I’m very proud of that. I’m very proud of
what I’ve been able to create, and I still recommend Kindle publishing to
everybody that comes to me wanting to get started in online business, but over
the last while now, the last, I guess year or so, there’s a lot of people that
have wanted more from me. They wanted a new training program, and to know more about
other ways that I make money online besides Kindle publishing, because even though I
still do Kindle publishing, it just hasn’t been as much of a focus for me over
the last year or 2, because I’ve become more passionate now about
Project Life Mastery, and video blogging, and other income business
opportunities that are out there, as well. I know there’s a lot of you guys
that have been wanting more from me, a new course, a new method, and for me to share
more. One of my goals this year, I decided, “You know what? It’s time for me to
create a new course, a new training program,” and people have been wanting this for years
now, and I’m excited that the time has finally arrived. I’ve committed to it.
I publicly declare it to you guys as one of my goals this year, as well as recently
in my 100 day challenge. I’m excited to get started with the process, and I
thought why not do a little video blog series where I vlog and share with
you guys a bit of the journey, share with you guys the process that I go through to
create an online course, and I know a lot of you guys out there might benefit from
this, just by watching me and seeing how I think and the process that I go
through, and behind the scenes of creating it. I thought this would just be a
really cool opportunity just to share that with you guys and be transparent with
the process that I go through, and a lot that’s going to go
through this course, just the process of creating it, but I’ve also learned a lot, too,
which I’m really happy about, just over the last few years now of creating and selling K
Money Mastery, that I think you guys can learn a lot from me, in terms of what
I go through to create an online course. Of course, when the program
comes out and its available, I hope that you guys will buy it and check it out. I’m going to be putting
a lot into this course, but hopefully you guys just see what goes through it, and
when it becomes available, it’ll be even that much more exciting for you
guys, because you’ll have joined me in the process of the creation of it.
All right. What’s this training program going to be about? Well, I’ve always said
that Kindle publishing I believe is the number one way for people to get started
making money online that I recommend, because from my experience of all the
other online business models, it’s the easiest and fastest, and also very
inexpensive to get into compared to some of the other ones, and with online
publishing, I’ve always seen it as the beginning and not the end.
A lot of people, they get so focused on just publishing Kindle books, for example, they
don’t look at the bigger picture. What I teach inside my K Money Mastery
program, especially in the more advanced areas and everything, is that you want to
start off with a Kindle book and publish a paperback
book, an audio book, et cetera, but you always want to use it to build an email list, to
build a backend and then once you have an email list, there’s a lot more that you can
You can start doing affiliate marketing, and promoting other people’s
products. Ever since I launched my free course that I share the 7
online business models, I was really curious to see which business model
people were the most interested in besides Kindle publishing,
because I’ve already got all the training available for that, for people that want to succeed, and what
I noticed, and I’ve also known this now for the last year or so,
just by working with people and having people send their questions to me, is that a lot of
people, they want to know more about affiliate marketing. I believe
that affiliate marketing is another one of the best ways to get started as an
online business, primarily because you don’t have to create the products
yourself. That’s one of the most challenging parts of selling online, is
having to not only just create the product, but create the sales page, deliver the
product, customer support. There’s a lot that goes on, marketing the product, excuse me.
There’s a lot that goes on in selling your own digital products, and unfortunately, not a
lot of people … Selling your own products is a great way of making money
online, similar to what I do with K Money Mastery but it’s not very newbie
friendly. It’s taken me years to get to the point of where I’m at,
to learn and understand, and to be able to create really high-quality online
training programs. Not only that, you
need to be an expert. You need to have a proven track record, a proven
method, a lot of success behind your belt, and so it’s not something that everybody can
do, whereas, I feel that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to
make money online, because you’re promoting someone else’s product. You’re
promoting someone else who’s the expert. They’ve already spent the time, the money
to create the product. It converts. It’s got a converting sales page,
they have great customer support, they handle everything for you. You
basically just get paid by promoting that persons product through your affiliate
link, and you earn a commission in doing so. Affiliate marketing is often
what I recommend for people after Kindle publishing, or you can just do
affiliate marketing as a business model without even doing the online publishing if
you choose to, and over the last maybe few months or so, I’ve been really
brainstorming and thinking a lot about, “Okay, what would be the next online training
program that I’m going to create?” I thought affiliate marketing would be the best area
that I could teach, and I really spent a lot of time thinking about, “Okay, if
someone’s brand new to this, they’re a newbie. They don’t have anything to get
started, they don’t even know about online marketing or any of this terminology,
or the process or whatever.” They’re a total newbie. Could I take someone that’s just brand new to
that’s never done any online marketing before, brand new, to a point of making
money online within a given period of time? Let’s say within a month, or
three months, or whatever. What I did was, this is stuff that I was
brainstorming a few months ago when I was thinking about my goals for this
year, is I decide, “You know what? I’m going to start working with some people and
help them start from scratch, their own online business, in the realm of
affiliate marketing,” and help them identify what are the beginning
stages, what are the first steps, and what are the steps after that? What are the
step by step process that you would go through, that would be consistent, that
would be replicable to anybody out there? Just a universal step by step formula
that can lead people to success with affiliate marketing. I feel that I’ve
been able to create a really awesome method now, and I’ve tested it with a number
of different people as well, but a really awesome method that
works. I’m very confident in it. I’ve been able to benefit from it, so I have a
proven track record of what I’ve been able to create online, and I believe it can
create a lot of success for other people as well. That’s why I decided to
create this course which I’m going to be focusing on now over the next hundred days to
create for you guys. I’m excited about it, guys. I’m going to show you guys right now, I
don’t want to blab on too much. I have a tendency to do that, but this is a vlog, so I can
technically talk about whatever I want, but I’m going to show you guys my computer,
and map out for you guys
the beginning stages of this, of creating the product. Of course, I’ll share more
with you guys what the products going to be about, what it’s going to include et cetera, in maybe
this video and other videos
afterwards, as well, but I’m going to share with you guys my RPM plan of how I’ve planned out
today, and I’ve already taken some steps in the creation of this product,
as well. Maybe what I’ll do is on my computer, I’m going to use my phone right now guys, and I’m going to show you
guys what’s going on, and hopefully you guys will be able to see this.
All right. This is my computer screen right now. Today is April 17th on a
Sunday. I use Evernote, by the way. There’s always people that ask me, “What do you
use to plan out your day?”
All that sort of stuff. I use Evernote. Great resource to have.
You can get it on your iPhone, your computer, and I use it to plan out my day.
I use it for taking notes for brainstorming, all kinds of stuff when I go to seminars, et cetera.
All right. Today is April 17th,
and whenever I plan out my day, I always set out my outcome, purpose, and action.
Something I learned from Tony Robbins. He calls it RPM or “OPA.” My outcome today is to immediately
start making progress towards the creation of Affiliate Marketing Mastery, to achieve
my goal in launching the program as part of my 100 day challenge,
by July 9th, 2016. I’ve already taken the step before this of creating the
name of the product, and that’s one process that is probably one of the first
things that I do, besides some brainstorming and whatnot,
is coming up with a name, because I want to get the domain name as soon as
possible, and get started on the logo and a few other aspects of it. What I
do when it comes to creating a name is I just basically brainstorm, and
it usually takes me about a week or two of brainstorming different names of
potential products and I just use Evernote for that, and I might look at
other products that are out there in other industries, niches, thinking about something
that might be consistent with my brand, thinking about … I use the
source sometimes as well, just to write down all my favorite words and
different variations of different words, as well. Actually, I settled
on Affiliate Marketing Mastery. I was actually going to buy the domain, and I actually use GoDaddy Auctions, which I’ll show you
guys here in a sec.
I’ll show you guys right now, actually. This is GoDaddy Auctions where you can bid on
different domains that aren’t available, and so the domains that I wanted,
whenever you have a name for a product, you want to make sure that the domain name
is available, right? You can buy the domain whatever it is .com,
so you want to
own that. Some of the names that I came up with, the domains name weren’t available, and
in some cases, you can buy if people are selling the domain name, so
affiliate blueprint was actually the one that I liked, and I made a bid of
$1000 for it, but unfortunately the person didn’t accept it. Instead, I
got, and I’m actually very lucky that this is
available. This is actually an expired domain, so basically someone owned this
domain, and it expired. They didn’t renew it, and so when a domain gets expired, and
they don’t renew it, because you have to pay every year for your domain name, then it
goes to an auction. With my GoDaddy Auctions account, I was able to …
This domain name just came up and I bought it, and it’s actually not available yet for me.
I bought it on the 15th, but it’s not going to be ready until the 23rd. I only paid
$12 for it, which is pretty cool. I’m happy with the name, because it’s
consistent with
my brand, which is Project Life Mastery. I love the word “mastery.” Similar to K
Money Mastery, it’s very clear what it’s about, affiliate marketing, people know
right away,
“This is a course about affiliate marketing.” I always focus on a level of
mastery with anything. I just don’t want people to dabble with anything. I want
people to master it. I got the domain name. Let’s go back here.
That’s why I picked the name. Purpose. By the way, when I pick out names, too, I
always like to get feedback from other people, so I have a few friends and people that I
get feedback from, people on my team. Once I set my outcome, I select my purpose. Why am I
creating this program? Well, I’m going to share with you guys my purpose for this. Number one is to serve
more people, helping them start their own online business and become financially
free. To create something new that will be fun, exciting, and that I’ll be passionate
about, helping others serve others, helping the greater good, because if I can help
people start their own online business and help them help people with their
business, then there’s a ripple effect, and it just comes back to me
in some way, as well.
Create a new income stream for myself, enhancing my quality of life, to stay
consistent with my goals and commitments, to inspire others to what is possible, and
to diversify my income. These are the main reasons why I’m creating this program
that drive me and motivate me. I then set some of my actions. Now, to
create this whole product, there’s a zillion actions to take, but these are
just the actions for today, and usually when I plan out my day, I make a
list of the main things that I want to do, but then I bold letter three of the
primary, most important things for me to do that day. Some of these things, I’m
actually not going to be able to get done today, because I’m waiting for the domain name
to be available for me, which won’t be for a few days, so some of them that I
can do that I’m in control of, that I’m focused on right now. First, one is to buy
domain name I’ve already done that. The next thing which I’m
going to do right after this is create the 99 Designs contest for the logo, and I
like to, whenever I create a project like this, there’s certain things that take
time to complete, like a logo that’s going to take maybe a few weeks
to finalize, and complete, so I want to start that process now as
soon as possible, because I don’t want to wait, and leave that to the last minute. I can get
started on that, I’ve got the domain, it’s official now. I can get started on the
logo, and maybe even need your guys feedback on that, too. I’ll share with you guys the process I go
through. I’m going to get started on that, because that’s going to take a bit of time, and the other
things to install WordPress and LeadPages, and set up a “coming soon” lead page,
as well as a wait list. A lot of you guys right now watching this video, you
guys may go over to There might not be
anything there, so I’m going to create a WordPress lead page from,
which I use to create squeeze pages and stuff, and it’s just going to say,
“Coming soon. If you guys want to be notified when it becomes available,
enter your email address and I’ll shoot you guys an email when it’s ready,
and share with you guys a process of the creation of it.” I want to have
something there for you guys when you guys go over to
I need to setup an Aweber list, which basically allows me collect
and manage emails, and I’m going to start the trademark process, because I want to own the
trademark, as well. Anytime I pick a name for
a product, I always make sure that it’s not trademarked, I’m not violating
anyone else’s trademark. I’ve already done that, as well. I want to start the trademark
process which typically takes a few months to go through, and you’ll either need
a lawyer to help you with that, or you can do it yourself. I’ve done it myself, in my case,
so I can do it again.
Brainstorm and create an outline for the training. That’s another high leverage thing
for me to do today, and brainstorm and create the sales funnel. This is going to be
the funnel that I’m going to create for my customers. Now, I’ve actually done … What else have I done?
I’ve already created the outline. It’s not done yet, but I’ve created the draft of it,
and the outline is actually something that I’ve been working on for a
long time now, because whenever I have idea for something, I always
document it and slowly put it together over time, and as I mentioned before,
I’ve been working with some people and helping them as well,
so I’ve broken it down. This is actually going to be a very big course. This is going to be the
best course that I’ve done, and I’m really excited about it. It’s going to be really,
really, really good. It’s not going to be a cheap course. I don’t want to sell cheap
courses. I want to sell really high-quality courses that are like from start to
finish, high quality, covers everything and goes into a lot, and really
helps people and I don’t want dabblers. I don’t want people that aren’t fully
committed, and I don’t want people that are just going to look for something
for free, and not really use it. There’s a lot that’s going into this.
I know the value of it. It’s not going to be cheap. It is going to be a couple of hundred
dollars at least, but it is going to be worth it, because what I’m putting
together is going to change a lot of people’s lives, and the information
is very valuable. Okay, so what are the training modules? As you can see, I’ve
shared a little bit here. Starting off, just introduction, strategy
and mindset, going to market, research, keywords, setting up blog, YouTube and social
media. I’m basically teaching all the things that I do in my online business,
in helping people do what I do. Creating a YouTube channel and
building a YouTube channel. Creating social media, creating blog, and ranking
your blog, getting traffic that way, finding a niche, the markets you want to
be in, creating content. There’s a lot of stuff that … These are all going to be different
training videos, so you can see, there’s going to be over 100 videos
in this training program, probably. Tracking visitors,
followers, building your email list,
again, just sharing all the different strategies that I’ve been able to utilize in my business.
How to earn revenue and monetize your traffic, making sure you’re compliant with the FTC,
promoting email marketing, autoresponder marketing, tracking, optimizing, analyzing,
split testing, affiliate … All this sort of stuff. Goal setting, mindset, which I believe in.
Some additional training, some more advanced strategies
for maybe another potential program. As you guys can see, this is a whole outline.
This is just the draft of it so far, but there’s already a lot that I’ve mapped out for it.
I’m very excited about it, and now that I’ve got the outline, I’m probably going to add more
to it, and just again, really just hone it in and make sure that it’s just really,
really good and solid, but I’m probably going to get started recording some of the
content sometime next week. Today, I’m going to do the logo, I’ve already done
the brainstorm and create the outline. I’m going to work on some of these other things here, as well, and
I’ll keep you guys updated, again, with how things come along in some future
videos, also. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this, are able to benefit in some
way, of just the process that I’m going through here, but like I said, I’m going to try to be
transparent with you guys and share with you guys a process of what I go through to create an
online course, and try to, again, help you guys as much as possible with your own
online businesses. I’m excited about this, hopefully you guys are, as well.
Again, it’s going to be available as part of my 100 day challenge, so before July
9th, that’s my deadline for it. Honestly, creating the product and
everything, that’s really challenging to do. It’s going to take me a lot of
time to do that, but also, once I create that, I also need to create the sales
page, I need to put together everything in the members area,
upload all the content, integrate it with Clickbank, there’s a lot of more steps that I
need to go through, so I’ll share with you guys that process, as well.
All right, thanks for watching this video guys. Make sure to leave a comment
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