Make Money Online with an Affiliate Program

By | January 18, 2016

Make Money Online with an Affiliate Program

You want to make money online, but there are so many ways according to your research, and along with everyone screaming on the internet that their way is the best way!

What are the steps to Make Money Online with an Affiliate Program?

Here is a simple guide:

Step 1

Build a Website.  What?!  That has to be too hard and I don’t know HTML, coding,  and all the other technical necessities!

Guess what, you can build a website in 30 seconds!  Sounds like a tall tale, but this is true!

Step 2

Start a Blog – it is one of the best ways to utilize affiliate links on your site.

But I don’t know how to Blog!  Learn how to Blog! Find an excellent system that will teach you the fundamentals of writing content to become passionate about something you love and enjoy.  Find your Niche!

Step 3

Choose a Domain to Host your Website.   But there are so many, and they all pressure you for upsells…

You will have to search and find the best deal and also one that you can feel safe and secure from hackers and spammers.

Step 4

Sign up with Affiliate Programs.  There is a multitude of different companies that have Affiliate programs.  You have to see which ones that would interest you and if they have a good payout.   Remember the reason is to help people then Make Money Online!



If your main purpose for this website is to turn it into an Affiliate Marketplace then you will not get traffic to your site.

WHAT!  But, you just listed 4 steps for an Affiliate site!

What I showed you was how to offer help or information in a specific niche to become a reputable source that will attract traffic to your site.

Traffic to your site equates to people clicking on Affiliate links and making purchases, which translates into making money.

If your niche deals with something that people need or want, then you can use Affiliate programs that would address that need or want specifically.


6 figure income helping people!

Helping people create trust, and then you become a source of information that is sought out by many.  Traffic comes to your site in droves and you can utilize marketing methods of keeping that traffic coming back over and over again.

You must be able to give before you can receive, and giving to your visitors is how you will receive.

Being able to give content on your Blog that will attract people because of your great information and personal touch translates into traffic.  Without Traffic, you will not make money online.  Very simple yet very challenging!

How Much Money can you Make with Affiliate Marketing?

The picture above has a ring of truth to it….but it wouldn’t be instantaneous, or the so called get rich overnight promise.  You will have to work hard and put in great effort!  The is no easy way, you must challenge yourself and become an incredible blogger with excellent IM skills.

Honestly, there is no limit to how much you can make!

Your income depends on your network, your desire and tenacity to succeed, your email list, your SEO strategy and relentless focus.  And of course on your Affiliate products that you will promote on your website.

Here is a list of some of the popular Affiliate Programs:

Commission Junction – One of the largest Programs with a wide variety of different products to promote. – focusing mainly on downloadable products

CX Digital Media – Claims to convert better than any other Affiliate Program

Affiliate Window – represents a large number of retailers, similar to Commission Junction

5 Star Affiliate Program – includes programs such as Microsoft adCenter

AffiliateBot – hundreds of Affiliate programs to join

Max Bounty – claims to have the highest paying CPA rates – one of the oldest and largest Affiliate companies in the world


Maybe you are looking for an Affiliate Directory that can help you find a specific type of Affiliate program.

Check this list:

AffiliateSeeking – a few thousand programs listed – over 1,300 programs listed

AffiliateScout – about 3,000 programs listed

AffiliatesDirectory – over 7,000 programs listed Directory – the Big Bambucha with 10,000 programs listed!


There is just an amazing amount of programs available, but of course, you will have to apply and go through the acceptance protocol.

I have applied for programs with Commission Junction and about 1/2 of the programs I applied for without writing a reason of why I wanted to promote their product accepted me.


As I mentioned earlier it is extremely important to help people rather than selling to people.  You don’t want your website looking like it is screaming to the visitor “BUY THIS!!” because they will leave your site in a heartbeat.  People would rather have you give a review on a product that they are interested in.

They might be at the point of wanting to purchase the product and need more information.  A great review will make the sale! Sites like give great reviews that people read intently before purchasing from their site.

When we talk more like an unbiased reviewer rather than a high-pressure salesperson, we will make more sales and people will return again and again because of your expertise.

How Many Affiliate Programs should I join?

Don’t make the same mistake I did and join every program available!  Choose wisely and join a few, again you don’t want your site looking like a marketplace for Affiliate programs.  Don’t overburden yourself and overload your site.

Another important thing is to track your links!  Use the unique tracking affiliate links on your pages so you know where the sale came from!

Creating a unique tracking ID for an Amazon link is easy. Simply log in to your Amazon affiliate dashboard, click “Account Settings” at the very top on the right, then click “Manage Tracking IDs”. From there you can make a new tracking ID so you can track which web page/campaign sold what.

Knowing where and how you made the sale will make you a better marketer. Don’t work blindly!

Focus on the project that you have created!  Bring it to fruition without being distracted by the Newest, most Awesome, you must have it program, and all the other distractions!

An Incredible Opportunity!

Maybe you are just getting started and don’t know what direction to take, but you know this is what you want to do.

I challenge you to enter the Affiliate Bootcamp!

Everything that I mentioned at the beginning in the 4 steps can be achieved in this Website.  It has everything, and I mean everything you need to begin your journey to a successful online marketing career with the best Affiliate Program on the web.

Take a look and experience the product for 7 days FREE without a Credit card!

You will get 2 websites free with FREE hosting.  What??  Yes, you heard me right!

Read my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Take a look at this chart:

I ask you to find another site that will allow you to test drive their product like Wealthy Affiliate does!

You will also be able to enter the Affiliate Bootcamp Training for 10 free lessons to get your Website up and running to make money online in the very near future!

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After checking out this site and you are not happy for any reason I encourage you to come back and leave me a nasty comment!

Best Success!

Aloha from Keith


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