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By | December 13, 2015

How to Start

Presently it is so easy to set up your own Website! If you have a computer and an internet connection you just have to go to a site like Wealthy Affiliates and use their ready-made Web-designed Word Press templates to construct your own website. This site will have you fully functional and ready to rock within 5 minutes!

Within a couple of hours, you will be listed on the WEB and indexed with Google!  But, how do we take it to the next level?

We go through the process of attracting traffic to your content-driven website.  If you are an online marketer, how do you get people to your site to buy products?

One of the most popular methods to achieve success for both of these functions is through an Affiliate Program.

We will look at how we can use them to benefit our website and the different types of ways to Make Money Online with an Affiliate Program.

Make Money Online with an Affiliate Program

There are many ways to make money online presently.  To make money online you have the ability to pursue it through different methods such as:

  1. Promote Products online through Affiliate Programs
  2. Being an Information expert where you get paid for your expertise online
  3. Doing micro tasks such as documenting, creating or even writing projects for varying amounts of money online
  4. Taking surveys that can range from opinion surveys to product surveys and everything else imaginable online
  5. Being a Virtual Assistant from home online for companies that cannot justify hiring someone full time
  6. A Translator who is an expert at specific languages to translate back and forth from one language to another online
  7. Home Based online travel agent

These are just to name a few of many different ways to create an online income from the comfort of your home.

I would like to focus on #1 listed above.  Make money online with an Affiliate program.  You are basically going to pitch another companies product online.  Promoting another companies product online is one of the internet’s best paying jobs.

Affiliate Programs

Simply stated Affiliate Programs are also called Associate Programs.  You become an Associate for the company you are promoting online.

You start by signing up with the Company you will become an associate with.  You fill out forms and create a payment method and also tax forms depending on what country you are living in.

Your account becomes active then you are able to browse their list of products and get links to the products you want to display on your website pages or blogs.  You can also use banners that the company will provide for you to advertise such as this one:

When you click on the banner it will take you to the website and if that person purchases a product then you will be paid a commission that can range from 4% to 75% depending on the commission structure set up by the company you are promoting.

An Affiliate program at a Mega-site such as, where commissions are up to 15% is very popular due to brand recognition.  Anytime anybody buys a product you are promoting, you get a cut.

You can actually choose from over a million products that can range from exercise equipment to camera lenses at

Another familiar Affiliate program is at Clickbank, they will pay commissions up to 70% with over 50,000 products to choose from.

Clickbank predominantly focuses on info type products.

The downside of Clickbank is some of their products are of poor quality, to which I can attest to after purchasing some products that I was very dissatisfied with.

On the other hand, I have also purchased some products that I was satisfied with.  The return policy with Clickbank is very good on their 60-day guarantee.

Basically, if a link on an affiliate site brings the merchant site traffic or money, the merchant site pays the affiliate site according to their agreement.

There are basically 3 parties involved in an Affiliate transaction:

  • The Merchant site
  • The Affiliate site
  • The Customer

Affiliate Program Payment Arrangements

There are basically 3 types of payment methods:

  • Cost-per-sale (also called Pay-per-sale) the merchant site pays the affiliate when the affiliate sends them a customer that purchases something.  Some merchants will pay a fixed amount or will pay a percentage of the sale.
  • Cost-per-click (also called Pay-per-click) the merchant pays the affiliate based on the number of visitors who click on the site regardless if they purchase something.
  • Cost-per-lead (also called Pay-per-lead) the merchant pays the affiliate based on the number of visitors they refer who sign up as leads.

There are a number of other arrangements, but these are the 3 most common types Affiliate Program Payment Arrangements.

Take your time and do some research on different Affiliate programs and which ones you feel would give you the best payment arrangement.  Look at reviews about each merchant to see if there are any problems in receiving payment or quality of the product.

When you have found the one you desire, then sign up.  An affiliate program is free to sign up, so if you find an affiliate program that wants to charge you for signing up, I would steer clear of it.

There are just too many Merchants that are accepting affiliates at no charge to pay a sign-up fee of any kind.

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Wishing you Success in your new Affiliate program.







2 thoughts on “Make Money Online

  1. The Simple Retiree

    Great explanation of the types of programs and how to get paid. Becoming an affiliate and promoting products and services is the way to go. I have no desire to re-invent the wheel and develop my own products. Learning how to do this through Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to learn online business. I wish you the best of success doing just that Keith.

    1. Keith Weinstock Post author

      Thanks for the comment Peter! Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online with the right product. I am so pleased and very happy with what I am learning at Wealthy Affiliate and to enter into their affiliate program is a great way to market their amazing product. I thank you for the very encouraging words Peter! The Best Success to at “The Simple Retiree”!


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