Building a Website

Building a Website

When I think of building a website I think of codes, templates, designs, plug-ins, and a variety of endless things you need to have for a fully functional site up and running.  Then the thought of being IT literate and able to understand the computer jargon and lingo that goes into understanding the set-up and operation of your website once you have it built…..

I am already sweating just thinking of all the things to do to build a website!!

What can I do?  Where can I go to get educated?  Do I have to enroll in college or a university?  Do I hire someone to do it for me?  There are all these questions that flash through your mind.

Then you will hear someone say:

I can build a website in less than 30 seconds!

You just want to slap this person on the side of the head for saying something that ridiculous!!

But, what if it were True?  Is there a place that can show you how to build a website in less than 30 seconds?  Unbelievably there is, and I have done it myself!

Here is a link to prove it (click here).

Yes, it is true and you can do this in under 30 seconds, a fully functional state of the art Word Press website!

These are the great benefits of using a Word Press website:

  • Typically very easy to install and set-up (click of a button at Wealthy Affiliate)
  • No HTML, no code, no need for some advanced knowledge!  Remember you don’t have to be IT savvy!
  • Over 2,400 different website templates to choose from that are continuously being updated
  • One click install over 10,000 “add on” features and website functionality
  • Lots of support and help within the community and a support center

Building a website has become extremely easy and anyone can do it with easy and simple instructions.

If you decide to Build your Website:

If you decide that you want to build a website yourself then you will have to go through a lot of processes:

  1. Determine the site purpose.
  2. Plan how the design will work.
  3. Start designing the site on paper or in a graphics tool.
  4. Create the site content.
  5. Begin building the site with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other tools.
  6. Test the site as I go and when I think I’m finished.
  7. Upload the site to a hosting provider and test again.
  8. Market and promote my site to get new visitors to it.

Steps 1 thru 6 would take me so long because I don’t have the skills nor the knowledge to do those things.  But with Wealthy Affiliate, I am able to create a website in less than 30 seconds, and to have it fully functional and running with hosting within 5 minutes!  This is with world class Word Press along with thousands of themes and thousands of plug-ins to run your website efficiently.

Building a website has become quite easy as opposed before where you had to take these steps to build a website page by page.

Building Your Website Page by Page:

  • Design Basics: The elements of good design, and how to use it on websites.
  • Learning HTML: Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is the building block of a web page. While it’s not absolutely required, you’ll do better if you learn HTML than if you don’t.
  • Learning CSS: Cascading Style Sheets are the building block of how pages look. Learning CSS will help you create the site that matches what’s in your imagination.
  • Web Page Editors: Finding the perfect editor your needs will help you learn to design, HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

Again the steps listed above will take experience and know how, to do all of these steps.  You have to be very knowledgeable or you have to have experience in order to do all of the above.  If not then you hire someone to do this for you.

But, what if you don’t have the finances but have the desire?  Then you learn yourself and find the best way to build your website!

My Past Experience

I had built my own website before, but with a ready-made template and given the very basic of minimal instructions.  I didn’t know 80% of the time what I was doing but I managed to get it up and even hosted it online.  A lot of it was hit and miss a test and wait for results.

I had all these dreams of making my website a great place of knowledge and creating an online stream of income.  It failed badly and I was spammed continuously by spammers and didn’t know anything about keyword search, rankings, plug-ins, SEO and the other list of necessary steps to take to get your website ranked and running.

I felt defeated in my failure and lost interest and put my dreams back on the table.  I have always believed I could achieve and never gave up on my desire.

I truly believe that past failures equal future success, which I now am in the midst of learning all the basic skills to create, run and rank my website so it will bring in traffic that will translate into success.  I have now taken my dreams off of the table and have made them a reality.

Build your Website on Wealthy Affiliate

As I mentioned earlier that you can actually create a website in less than 30 seconds at Wealthy Affiliate and have it fully functional within 5 minutes!  I have done this and it is just amazing to have the tutorials and teachings to take you through every step of the way.  I wish I found this site 4 years ago and learned the training from this world class site that gives and gives and gives.

The support from WA is amazing and the community of seasoned online marketers, of which some are millionaires, are so supportive and helpful.  They truly “pay it forward with appreciation” whenever a newbie needs help or guidance.

The challenge

I challenge you to try the free offer that Wealthy Affiliate offers to all:

Step 1:   Sign up for a free trial membership to create a Free account with all the Premium privileges for 7 days.

Step 2:   Start building your 2 Free Websites for $0 and no Credit Card required with free hosting at

Step 3:   Go through the entire Training Platform.

Step 4:   Explore the community and ask as many questions as you desire.

As you can see above the Starter account is amazing and you will not find a better challenge to test a product out than Wealthy Affiliate.  What you get for free to experience is amazing!  You can even get 1 on 1 coaching for the first 7 days as well as live support for the first 7 days!

I urge you to take the challenge and experience the ease of building your own website with world class teaching to take you each step of the way.

I look forward to seeing you in the community!

If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will return a reply ASAP!

Best Success


2 thoughts on “Building a Website

  1. Cevin

    Hey, very neat and tidy review!

    I knew that building a website was easy before I actually did it, but it was even easier than I expected.

    1. Keith Weinstock Post author

      Hi Cevin, Thank you very much for the great feedback. I never thought building a website could be so easy! With the WA training it has been a great experience and I am constantly learning new things every lesson. I wish you the best success at WA!


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