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About Me

The internet where dreams are envisioned and hoped for and also where reality slaps you hard and makes you do a double-take if you are not internet savvy….but there are many great and wonderful opportunities to make money online if you can find it!

I have tried numerous times with many different companies during the last 12 years trying to make a consistent income online. I have tried a variety of MLM companies only to get discouraged because of requirements of  being a core member where you spend a lot of money on products you are required to use that you are promoting.  I have also joined many other forms of online companies that require you to pay a fee each month if you don’t meet a certain quota.  I ended up paying out a lot of money and making zilch!

So I continued working my butt off every day at my daily job, but always imagining I would make it online financially to break free of the hourly unit of work for pay syndrome.  I never gave up on my dream to make money online, and have sought many avenues of making money, but many of them promise you incredible results, only to have them charge incredible amounts of money and then never deliver on their promises.

I would listen to the most convincing pitches and would buy into it thinking what they promised is all I need.  But, when I purchased the product that would make my dream come true, the pitchman said I needed additional items that would guarantee success!?  But I purchased the original product because he guaranteed success…..scam after scam and it seemed this was the norm on the internet.

What do you do when you know there is money to make online but you don’t know where to look?

Never Give up

I wouldn’t give up and knew that my desire and attitude that I will become successful through online marketing became even stronger!  I have a dream and will not let it go, which only makes me want to try harder to succeed.

Fast forward 10 years

After failing miserably, at least, a half dozen times and spending more money than I could afford in MLM, I realized that there was hope for me in affiliate marketing.  What a great concept to make money!  No inventory, no employees to pay, no physical work location to pay rent and utilities, and being your own boss.

This seemed like a great and amazing concept.  I began to see the power in affiliate marketing and the ability to leverage your time and effort to make money exponentially.  Making money online with an affiliate marketing system is a solid and wonderful way to make money online.

Where do I start??

I began looking for places to begin my sojourn into affiliate marketing, but I wasn’t a seasoned internet savvy marketer.  I lacked the knowledge and know how of working online.  The internet jargon and intricacies escaped me and I began to get disheartened.  I found a site that again promised me everything, but it meant I would again have to spend a lot of money.  But this really sounded good and they even backed it up with proof of money shots….

Hindsight gives you Foresight

I have been burned enough times to be very cautious so I researched this company through a review site I discovered.  The review site gave a very unbiased review about the company I was interested in.  The review did point out some unethical practices that raised a red flag.  Hmm… another dead end I thought.  But the site that did the review also gave a recommendation of an affiliate program that would give you a free test run without requiring any credit card or money for a free 7-day trial.  They also offered 2 free websites with free hosting during the 7 day trial and to keep it if you wanted to stay on as a free member!!

Is this too good to be true?

You know the old saying “If it sounds to good to be true…..” well I decided to look into this site.  I couldn’t believe that what the reviewer recommended was actually true!  I took the free trial and realized that I came upon what I should have discovered 12 years ago!  Wealthy Affiliates is a site that trains you and gives you the knowledge as well as the over the shoulder view of how to do successful Affiliate marketing.  I came upon something that is very legitimate and very professional.

The road to knowledge and success online begins with the first click of the mouse!

It has been said the a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.  Well, the journey to a successful online career begins with the click of the mouse!

Wealthy Affiliates is set-up so that you learn the foundation of online marketing and then to build upon that foundation with excellent teaching and a world class community of seasoned successful internet marketers that are willing to support you in any way possible for you to succeed!

My journey through the internet online marketing search has finally brought me to the place I have dreamed about.  A place where I can become what I dreamed of “making money online successfully full time!”

If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below!

Please visit my profile at  Wealthy Affiliate.

To your success making money online with an affiliate program!


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