Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting started with Affiliate marketing entails the desire to learn and start out with a solid foundation and build upon that foundation.  To develop a solid foundation, you need to have great teachers and mentors to impart wisdom and experience that they have gone through.

You also need a program that will address all the training to get you onto the road of success, with the knowledge to succeed continuously.

Where can you find such a place?

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can find everything possible that will empower you for success.  First you have the choice to join free without any credit card requirements to test the product free for 7 days.

You get to set-up 2 free websites with state of the art hosting for each of these websites within minutes after joining. You will learn how to make money online with this Affiliate Marketing site.

Here is an example of a few of the many items you will receive at Wealthy Affiliates:

  • 2 Free functional World Class Word Press Websites
  • Incredible training from videos, tutorials, courses and classrooms
  • Live chat support as well as a whole community to help you
  • All of the above for $0 to start

If I list everything available it would take pages and pages to write the over 1,000 powerful training modules alone!  There is so much that you don’t have enough hours in the day to learn all of this!

That is why you don’t need anything else when you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate.  It has everything and including successful internet millionaires to gain wisdom and knowledge from.  You will even have them answering questions you post!

No obligation to try!

You will be under no obligation to buy anything.  Just try it for free and see the set up for yourself and experience the amazing community that exists at Wealthy Affiliate.  There is a good reason why there are over 400,000 members strong at Wealthy Affiliate.

I recommend that you start today and have a website up within minutes of joining for Free!

Wealthy Affiliate is the place where dreams come true!

It is simple and easy to start

Step 1

Open a free account that is absolutely free and requires no credit card to open your account.

Step 2

Build your free website with the most trustworthy WordPress platform.  You get 2 free websites and free hosting!

Step 3

Take advantage of the 7 days free trial period using the Premium functions of community support, 10 free lessons to get yourself on the fast track of success, all the information and training you can learn.

Step 4

When you have explored to your satisfaction then upgrade to Premium, where if you do it by the 7th day you will get the first month at $19

Just recently at the beginning of the year, Kyle and Carson, the owners and founders have now added WA hosting if you want to host your website through WA for your business.


There is no other program that can match Wealthy Affiliate!  You can read my review on Wealthy Affiliate here.

It is a complete and world class operation that gives the person whose desire is to succeed the path to travel and make that desire a reality.

Get Started now and you will look back in a few months and thank yourself for making the best decision of your life!


Please leave a comment below and I will answer all questions you may have!




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